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We welcome you to AMBER ZONE where we provide articles and guidance programs to help enhance and achieving a continuity of good health and a healthy life style despite one’s disabilities and aging processes. Devoted professionals with an enormous amount of knowledge, provide daily, weekly and monthly – articles and tips at achieving this.
The articles here will shed light on the everyday health hazards one faces, especially when one reaches one’s golden senior years. This golden age brings with it, the wear and tear of both our psychological and physical conditions, as the aches and pains appear out of nowhere. These sometimes even manage to incapacitate many of us. There is no reason why anyone aging should experience unnecessary discomfort a…

7 tips for a happy life

Why do people want to be happy? Maybe it’s because they believe that being unhappy is not really living. So, if you’re wondering how to have more of the good life, here are seven tips on how you can be happier.

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