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Bowen Treatment Client testimonial:

“When I came to see you I was in a lot of pain especially in my neck and shoulders and some in my lower back, which was having a massive effect on my sleep and general well being. I had tried physiotherapy, chiropractor and osteopath before having Bowen Therapy. Since my treatment with you, I rarely have any pain and now manage to get a good nights sleep which In turn has improved my quality of life. This is why you haven't seen me!

When I had my first treatment I must say I was sceptical and sometimes I felt worse once I was home. After 4 sessions I decided to have a break from treatment and see what would happen and the the results have been amazing, a complete life saver in my view. I no longer find that I am feeling depressed and am able to cope with life so much better and have even started exercising again. I would say to anyone to give Bowen a try and don't dismiss it till you have at least a couple of sessions. After suffering for YEARS Bowen Therapy has in effect given me my life back.”

Massage Treatment Client testimonial:

Having suffered migraines for many months, I was at the point of seeking medication from my GP when I decided to try the holistic route first and made an appointment at the Amber Zone, I’m so pleased I did! The combination of acupuncture with Ray and a soothing full body massage with Lydia, led to my headaches disappearing within a couple of weeks. Two years on and I’m still visiting the Amber Zone regularly, my headaches have gone but a regular massage and occasional acupuncture ‘booster’ sessions have kept them under control. There are many reasons why I recommend the Amber Zone, on a practical level – it’s value for money. With such high quality holistic treatments, therapists could certainly charge more but by keeping their prices competitive, customers are able to benefit from regular visits. Not only am I grateful to the Amber Zone for helping me overcome my debilitating tension headaches, I also appreciate their kindness. It is rare in this increasingly frenetic world, to meet a small group of people, who put customer welfare at the heart of their business and are willing to go that extra mile to ensure they overcome their health concerns. It is all too easy to reach for medicines when you’re not feeling at the top of your game, I would urge anyone feeling below par - to try the Amber zone first!

Gaynor Pengelly

Gaynor is one half of the writing Partnership Ginger Black.
For more details about her novel, Riverside Lane – a village mystery set in Bray and Maidenhead, visit and ‘join mailing list.’

Acupunture with Ray Siberini

Electro acupunctureElectro-acupuncture treatment for osteoarthritis on recent patient and her testimonial.
"Well, I would not have believed the difference acupuncture could make to osteoarthritis if I hadn't had the treatment myself. After the first session my left hand was so much easier and that improvement has continued. As I am very right-handed I expected the treatment to be a little longer in yielding results but really by third treatment my hand was pretty much back to full, pain free use. For the relief it gives, I certainly intend to continue this form of treatment - in my opinion so much better than pain killers. And as a bonus I feel so relaxed after a session its like a mini holiday break!!"

J from Maidenhead:

Dear Ray.
I was discharged on Sunday 21 June 2015 from Stroke Ward 8 of High Wycombe Hospital after diagnosis of Bell's Palsy on my left face by Dr Hilton ( Consultant ) who had given me 10 days medicines including steroids. I am 71 years old and was advised to do some facial exercise from YouTube as well as start neurological physiotherapy. Despite my request to my G.P an appointment for Neurological Physiotherapy is still awaited through NHS...!!

My daughter: Zahra Shk Aqil from Houston, Texas-USA inspired me to start Traditional Chinese Acupuncture ( T.C.M.) immediately as some family friends in Houston, Texas had also Bell's Palsy and were cured after treatment of T.C.M. in a very short period.

I found you as an expert and very qualified on T.C.M. B.Sc ( Hons ), M BAcC, LicAc after searching on Google and was lucky to have my 1st session with you on Saturday 27 June 2015 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at your Clinic, The Amber Zone, in Maidenhead. I got full faith on your T.C.M. Treatment and requested you to book me for another 6 sessions lasting till 11 August 2015.

Today was my 5th Session ( on 04 August 2015 ) with you and I must confess that according to my family & friends my recovery is over 90% as a result of your T.C.M. Treatment. Hats off to you for your help and assistance in curing my illness in such a short time. I am confident that on 11 August 2015 my 6th session of T.C.M. Treatment will cure me 100%.

I shall appreciate if you can publish my above testimony in your website for benefit of other Bell's Palsy patients. Thanks!

Kind regards: Yours sincerely, Saifuddin Lakda/Mr
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