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Taster Sessions

Reflexology Taster Sessions

Wednesday 15th November and Saturday 18th November
Cost: £22
Treatment Time: 25 minutes

Reflexology is a simple, non-invasive treatment that facilitates the healing of the physical and emotional body, encouraging a feeling of well being. Pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet where all the internal body structures and organs are mapped or mirrored in miniature. By working over these reflexes in a precise way the Reflexologist stimulates the body to restore and maintain equilibrium and encourage healing by maintaining a delicate balance between our systems.

A Reflexology treatment helps the body as a whole endeavouring to find the root of the ailment. As tension is eased pressure on the nerves and vessels are relaxed, thus improving the flow of blood/oxygen to all parts of the body.

Conditions which have been shown, through medical research projects, to benefit from reflexology treatments:

So you'll be pleased to know that we are offering taster sessions to allow you to really experience this treatment for yourself. Call or email us now to book in!

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