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Massage – The Healing Power of Touch

Introduction - about massage

Massage can be used in many ways; it can be gentle, soothing and comforting, or it can be deep and invigorating; it can de-stress or it can help to rectify structural problems. Whatever the client’s needs, massage can be tailored to help, both physically and emotionally.

We often underestimate the power of touch, but as with most hands-on treatments the client is aware of the therapeutic process as soon as the massage begins. The most obvious effect is one of warmth, closely followed by a sense of release in the muscles. If the client is under stress and needs a relaxing massage, the touch can be modified to suit the individual, but if the client has structural problems or over-worked muscles the massage can be deep and remedial.

At The Amber Zone we can offer a massage to suit any client. Some like a light or moderate Swedish Massage with unscented oil; others like a similar massage, but with the addition of essential oils, making it an Aromatherapy Massage. A deeper Sports Massage is appropriate for those who take part in regular sport, or equally for those who might need some help after gardening or perhaps an activity that they are not used to. Massage can also be used to help aches and pains caused by postural difficulties, and can often improve the posture in the process.

We work to strict professional guidelines, ensuring the comfort of the client at all times; clients who have never had a massage before can be assured that they will be treated with the utmost respect, consideration and confidentiality. Procedures are thoroughly explained, and the client is periodically encouraged to give feedback during the treatment.

Pregnancy Massage

So What Does It Do?

Pregnancy massage can offer much needed relief from aches and pains that arise during pregnancy. Your body goes through huge changes and its important to support it as best you can.

This massage is slow and rhythmical so as not to disrupt your body and therefore allowing you to relax. Deep tissue massage lovers don't despair!

This massage does not have to be soft and gentle. It really is unique to what each client desires.

What is it good for?

*Please note, we only treat those who are at least 12 weeks pregnant

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