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Lydia Casadei - dip ITEC
Holistic Massage, Pregnancy Massage

Lydia CasadeiLydia is an iTec qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Therapist and Womb/ Abdominal Massage Therapist.

Having graduated in 2013 with her initial massage qualification, Lydia immediately enrolled on a pregnancy massage course. This unlocked a strong desire to specialise in women’s health and wellbeing. Lydia has gone on to study in Fertility Massage Therapy with Clare Blake in February 2017, in order to support women and couples who may struggle to conceive or indeed women with hormonal and menstrual health problems. Lydia is a student practitioner in Fertility Massage and takes great pride in providing this supportive, restorative and nurturing treatment.

Once again keen to learn, in March 2017 Lydia furthered her studies in Pregnancy Massage and now Post Natal Massage at the Jing School of Advanced Clinical Massage Treatments, down in Brighton. It set her up with a wealth of massage strokes and stretches to better support women through pregnancy and beyond.

Lydia has such a passion for wellbeing and balanced care of the mind, body and soul. In today’s busy climate, Lydia strives to provide a sanctuary in each of her treatments- a chance to really slow down and honour the self.

Lydia looks to further her studies again and hopes to do courses in Reflexology, Reproductive Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and Oncology Massage.

You can book in with Lydia on Monday afternoons and evenings, Thursday morning to evening and Friday during the day. Saturday appointments are also available.

Lydia provides neck and shoulder massage in offices and mobile treatments for people who simply cannot make it in to the clinic for various reasons.

If you have any questions, do get in touch via the contact page, I am happy to discuss any treatment and it’s benefits.

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