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Lee Avery – The Bowen Technique Treatment

Lee AveryLee is a keen runner and cyclist, and whilst competing seriously she suffered many injuries. Experimenting with different treatments, in 2006 she received her first Bowen Treatment and since then has managed to stay injury free.

Lee was amazed that a treatment so gentle could provide such outstanding results. She was hooked, and when she decided to leave the corporate world to set up as a UK Athletics Coach and Personal Trainer, she wanted to be able to help not only athletes stay injury free but help everyone in every walk of life to enjoy good quality of health and freedom from pain. She therefore decided to study Bowen Technique Treatment with the European College of Bowen Studies and has never regretted it.

The results she sees with the Bowen Technique from her grandchildren, through to elderly people, as well as the athletes she coaches never ceases to amaze her.

She finds the Bowen Technique exciting and absolutely loves seeing the results it can achieve.

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