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The 15 Years Of Amber Zone!!

So maybe that doesn't quite have the same ring to it as the 12 days of christmas, but... that's how long we've been open.

We pride ourselves on providing complementary healthcare from our little sanctuary in Maidenhead. We've treated clients who have come to us in desperate need of relaxation, those seeking respite from work, we've helped clients through trauma and loss, creating a safe space to release and we've endeavoured to get our valued clients back to 100% after strains and injury. So when you see our tag line; 'We Feel Good When You Feel Better,' know that it comes from a genuine place where our 'work' means a lot to us.

Crystal Of The Month

Karen Jenkins has been working with crystals since 2007 as a Crystal Therapist and is still in awe of the power they have. She will be sharing her knowledge of a different crystal each month.


RhodoniteRhodonite is the name for a rose pink coloured crystal (Greek ‘Rhodon’ meaning Rose) that maybe partially oxidised through weathering. This creates the typical black patches and veins of manganese dioxide that runs through it. The reason I chose this stone for the start of 2018 is to help stabilise emotions, loving self and others, forgiveness. Linking the head and the heart so they are on the same page helping one to achieve his/her greatest/highest potential. A wonderful gentle grounding stone that helps you to look at self issues you may have trouble facing. A beautiful crystal to have by your side.

It can be worn constantly on the body as jewellery for short periods of time especially near the heart for healing emotional injuries.

Submerge yourself with this wonderful crystal aligning you mentally, emotionally and physically- teaching you to be kind to yourself and others.

What are the benefits of Daoyin Tao® Massage?

If you’re experiencing any form of imbalance this massage can help your body to heal itself. Blockages in the body’s energy can cause a range of problems from mild disorders to more serious ailments. Daoyin Tao® Massage helps to unblock or release the energy, giving the body the opportunity to heal itself.

More about Daoyin Tao® Massage

Some questions answered

Q. How long have you been treating?
A. 20 years.

Q. What is your favourite treatment to give and why?
A. I love any treatment but especially one where the client arrives in pain(!) and leaves feeling relieved of that pain and generally feeling better. Our hot stone massage treatment is lovely and I would recommend this to someone seeking relaxation with a little luxury.

Q. What can people expect having received a treatment from you, right after and the following day?
A. Although they might feel a little tender initially, I would expect an improvement within 24 hours. Where necessary, I will give aftercare advice and often ask that the client lets me know how they feel the next day.

Q. Client: "I'm very nervous about having a massage because I'm overweight/ underweight/ have a curved spine/ struggle with anxiety..."
A. Please don't worry! It's important to me that anyone feels they can come to The Amber Zone, and you will be treated with care. This is our priority and we have an array of treatments to suit each client individually. Often, if you're struggling with weight or a curved spine then a massage can be very beneficial. You're in safe hands!

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