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Closure of The Amber Zone

The past few months have brought about an irreversible change for most of us, particularly in the way we carry out our work.

Our clinic, The Amber Zone, has for 18 years provided what many have described as a “sanctuary”, or an “oasis of calm”, where they feel “part of a family”. Many have said that their relaxation starts as they come through the door.

We have been blessed with a wonderful team of therapists, and clients who have helped us to learn more and develop our skills. Clients who treat us like friends, and often give us a hug as they leave.
All this has made my decision even harder.

After much soul-searching I realise that under the new COVID guidelines we shall no longer be able to provide the same atmosphere and service that we are all used to.  The cost of PPE, coupled with the fact that we will not be able to see the number of clients that we normally see in a day, means that we could possibly be operating at a loss.

I have therefore come to the exceedingly difficult decision to close The Amber Zone. This decision has been somewhat influenced by the fact that I intended to retire fairly soon, and while it was always possible to keep the clinic going without me, for the reasons I have described I feel it is better to close completely. The lockdown has given me a glimpse of retirement which is now not so daunting!

Most importantly, if you, or anyone you know has a gift voucher for The Amber Zone, please call us on 01628 773988 and I shall call you back as soon as I can. Or email We can then discuss your options.

Most of our therapists will be continuing in their own practices, and they can be contacted on the following numbers:

I thank my Team, all of whom I count as dear friends, and without whom I could not have developed such a well-respected clinic. Even bigger thanks go to our lovely clients, without whom we would have no clinic at all. Thank you for entrusting your bodies to us, and for your loyalty. Massaging away your aches and pains has been a privilege and my pleasure!