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Our treatments - Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a non invasive, gentle and extremely powerful therapy which works in co-operation between both therapist and client, and has a directive and supportive approach to initiating positive and beneficial change, through the removal of long-term subconscious blocks. Hypnosis, is a deeply rewarding and wonderfully relaxing experience, that is completely natural, non aggressive and physically non demanding, and has often been described by my clients as a ‘mind holiday’ for which they sometimes choose as a monthly therapeutic outlet, to combat a busy or stressful lifestyle.

What can Hypnosis offer me?

A relaxed, calming and enjoyable feeling, whereby your practitioner can help you to release restrictive and unwanted negative beliefs, habits or emotions that may have previously held you back. This in turn can assist you in reaching your full potential and enhance your happiness and contentment.

So, what type of therapy is on offer?

Suggestional Hypnotherapy:

A service based therapy whereby your therapist will direct your subconscious mind towards a more positive outcome, given the professional delivery of positive suggestions during hypnosis. This can help with many things, but to name a few…

  • self confidence in readiness for exams, interviews
  • public speaking, business meetings, driving tests, etc.
  • improving performance in work, school, college, dating, etc.
  • helping to challenge and re-direct unwanted destructive habits such as over-eating and weight gain
  • lack of motivation, smoking, nail biting, etc.
Analytical Regressional Therapy (otherwise known as Clinical Therapy):

This is a powerful therapy that is more suited to deep-rooted behaviours and issues, and is designed to identify and remove the cause of the underlying issue. Such as…

  • sudden panic episodes, acute stress, anxiety, insomnia
  • emotional upsets, guilt, anger, unhappiness, over-eating
  • irrational fears, unsettling behaviour, phobias
  • destructive relationships, both personal and professional, procrastination
  • Self-sabotage of money and success.
Sounds good, but can I get stuck in hypnosis?
No, you cannot become stuck in hypnosis. At the end of hypnosis you will be wide awake and refreshed.

Other Mind Tools

Stress Management:
A combination program of stress trigger awareness coaching, NLP and hypnosis to relax. Designed to help combat stress, anxiety and panic attacks.
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming):
A technique that uses positive language combined with mental imagery and effect. This powerful technique is used by celebrities and MPs alike and can often be used alongside hypnosis in order to achieve a direct and positive initiative for change and personal growth.
TFT (Thought Field Therapy) Excellent for emotional trauma:
A gentle therapy that works on the same principle as acupuncture, but without the needles. TFT can aid the removal of negative thought patterns, and emotion cycles through physically tapping into the individual’s meridians. This is a physical procedure whereby the client is taught how to use this powerful tool for their own progression and growth.
The very latest of my therapies that incorporates positive change of both mental and physical aspects and well-being as a complete package, by incorporating extra confidence through hypnosis and NLP, all the way through to physical confidence, style and presentation through dress, colour and self expression using the ego state as a tool.
With a background in the media and beauty industry I can help you to grow with confidence from within, with the added skill of expressing that confidence on the outside too, through dress, style and colour…helping you to take action, and walk the walk.

Services Available:

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